A touch of Mexican flavour: Chiquito Restaurant


chicken fajitas














Nicely surprised by this restaurant which resembles an American diner with a Mexican theme. Good food and above all attentive service. The waitress really deserved her tip. I had a succulent chicken fajita along with fries, it was mouth-watering!

Well done Chiquito. I also loved the Christmas festive decoration. I look forward to going back. I thought it would be a tourist spot, being located in Leicester square and therefore I was ready to find bad and overpriced food. On the contrary, it was a delightful experience! Gracias Chiquito!

For more info and full menu click here www.chiquito.co.uk


Mexican night @ Satricvm

My dear friends, Chef Max and his wife Sonia, have been holding very creative and fun events at their restaurant Satricvm.The restaurant and the food are amazing and for this reason Satricvm is also the place where our cooking and conversational Italian lessons take place. Anyway, this post is all about the great Mexican event held at Satricvm last Tuesday. Every week there is a different cuisine and the theme is persistent all along, from the food of course, drinks, music and sometimes some brilliant shows. It is just magic. Look at the first pic, that is me happy making empanadas! What do you think, don’t you wish you were there to taste the fab cuisine? Next is Spain night, unfortunately I will be back in London that day, you can enjoy it for me too!

Fun summer in Italy

Last summer I had the chance to work and learn from my Chef friend. He taught me how to make California rolls and much more… The best part was eating outside his enchanting restaurant at the Mexican and Japanese themed night where I had the opportunity to mingle with people and enjoying refreshing drinks!  Missing the hot weather, I am waiting for the sun!