Me, myself and Italy

I have been away such a long time and then, every time I come back to my country I experience the strangest feelings. At the beginning the pace is too slow for me, having been living in London for a such long time. Then, after a couple of days I can fully enjoy everyday, every spark of sun, every heat wave, every bite of good food I take. It is like an eternal holiday where people talk to each others everywhere and are not constantly angry. I love going out at 9 pm or 10:00 pm as towns start living at that time, I love being able to go out in a light dress as it s hot till night. A fresh frullato (shake with water and fruits) after dinner or a plate of natural seasonal fruits have nothing to envy to the delicious gelato which is offered everywhere. This is for residents purely routine, for me it is a treat. A treat that every time gets harder to renounce to. Sometimes, I wish I could just come back and live a simple ordinary life, however, having seen a lot of the world and still craving to see more and learn more and more I cannot stop. If you read this and you have been living abroad for long time you probably understand what I mean. What is happening is the reverse effect of cultural shock when the foreign culture has been assimilated and a process of re adaptation takes place when going back to one’s country. I never went over that process, I have tried several times to go back for good without success. I guess it is the politics and lack of work that puts me off. However, more than anything else I notice a general lack on Italians‘ side on keeping a vivid curiosity towards other cultures and languages. The almost maniac attachment to their families and routines does not go along with my crave of exploring and learning. Before skype, I wished so many times especially on a Sunday as it is tradition to spend lunch with the whole family, to turn around the corner and be with them. I missed them thoroughly then with technology everything became easier. Not that I sit down facing the camera while I eat lol! However, it has been a big relief to have been able to talk and see my loved ones. Tonight I am relieving my feelings maybe because I only have four days left here and then my busy life will start again. Are these people missing something or am I the one missing it all?

if you read this and have an opinion please comment I would love to hear your thoughts.


Celebrating our Italian victory

Right right, for once please let me flatter myself. Yes, I am talking about the football match (partita di calcio) which happened yesterday: Italy – England 4-2. Supporting our team abroad makes Italians feel much more patriotic. We watched the game in a friend’s house; all of a sudden everyone became a football expert lol. We enjoyed our team trying so hard and mastering the game until the penalties. If only politicians could make such an effort, Italy would be number one economic power in the world. So it felt so good to feel proud of my country at least in the football field given the fact that in other fields it keeps on failing us. Anyhow, I don’t want to enter too much in details. Yesterday I cheered, I screamed I jumped and then I was off to Soho to join our compatriots in a bar just next to Bar Italia, the Italian icon of excellence. Enjoy the pics I really had a good time and Forza Italia!

P.s. there were also English supporters that were enjoying the party and drinking heavily hahaha


La dolce Vita Event Dolce mangiare

The “Dolce Vita Event” took place last Sunday in London. Luckily enough this year I could attend and I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as we, me and my sister, entered we saw with our greatest excitement a stall from Ariccia (a town near Rome well known for its porchetta). Do you wonder what porchetta is? Well, translating the exact name is quite impossible I can only explain what it is. Porchetta is spit roasted suckling pig flavored with salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic and other seasoning. Foodies know that the best part it’s the rind. So we had a fat sandwich along with some red wine from the same region. That was only the start! As you can see below the stalls were amazing; we tried everything from  Galbani mozzarella to the awesome Sicilian sweets. It was a feast for our eyes and for many Italians who live in London who  still love good food. We bought some Sicilian oranges, I had forgotten the taste of real oranges; nothing like you find in the supermarkets or even in the markets here in London. So juicy and tender it was a pleasure even peeling them awaiting to enjoy their flavor. One could argue that all this stuff is easy to find in the Italian deli, however, it is considered luxury in this city. It is weird to see a simple shop called alimentari in Italy transformed into an expensive and luxury boutique in London. Alimentari shops in Italy are simple and affordable, a panini is a cheap choice for Italians to have their lunch. Here, all of a sudden panini becomes a luxury lunch. Not to talk about the beer where some national Italian brands are regarded in the UK as posh and in Italy are just average. Anyway too much writing now I leave you to the pictures which are self-explanatory. ENJOY!