The Pepper Tree my local Thai
















I had green Thai curry there twice. The first time I did not really know what to expect. The Lady, the owner, took the time to guide me through my choice making sure it was not too spicy for my taste. She also explained about the Thai aubergines and their delicate flavour, she then made me taste it before I made up my mind. I found this extremely helpful and the curry was divine. The only thing is about the portion I could have eaten a little be more.

I have eaten there several times now as it’s my local Thai, the pad Thai was delicious but lately I find it a little too dry. Also the starters are very tiny like the steamed dumplings which came in three pieces only. However, overall it has been a nice experience from which I learned something new and I keep going back!


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Quality or quantity? Misato Restaurant

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Misato, what to say about Misato restaurant?

A friend recommended this restaurant a few years ago, I went and tried it and I was very satisfied with it. I could not believe it was so affordable with many of the hot dishes below £6, the portions were and are still huge. I enjoyed gorging on sticky rice along with the breaded chicken katzu and the delicious curry sauce. I tasted their mixed sushi platter and tried salmon and chicken teriyaki bentos. It was bliss, love at first taste. However, I did not have much experience with Japanese food.

Years later after having tried several Japanese restaurants I can say that Misato is still pretty much a bargain but the quality of food is average nothing so special. There is always a queue which is usually a good sign, the staff is quite in a rush and also inattentive, however, thank God they are not rude which I really appreciate, there is nothing worst than going for a meal and relax and find grumpy servers.

However, I must say there was an episode when my sister found a hair in her dish and told the waiter who sounded annoyed at first and then he tried to convince her it was her own hair. Unbelievable, useless to say we stopped going there, we spend a little more for better quality food and a touch of style as Misato has very basic decor. Not suitable for a date if you want to impress. I gave it two stars as I am a foodie now and I like quality more than quantity.

If you would like to experience it yourself here is the Yelp link with all the information.

Caffe’ Concerto Regents Street, what a disappointment!




I treated my sister for her birthday, thinking Caffe’ Concerto would be extraordinary as It looks from the display and above all I thought it was Italian. Big mistake, we ordered two cappuccinos and a slice of cake. The cake wasn’t too bad it was ok, too rich in cream for my taste but that ‘s another story.

Cappuccino was really below average but what really struck me most, it was the service! This waiter had an appalling attitude. I was very curious to know what Italian desserts they made so I asked the waiter. He seemed even reluctant for having to speak to me. When I asked my question he replied: all the desserts are made here, they are not coming from Italy! So I said: Of course you make them here I just wanted to know what kind of Italian desserts you make here. You know like Tiramisu’ and so on He got back to me saying: what is Tiramisu’? Now, how can you possibly work in a place which bears an Italian name and not possibly know what Tiramisu’ is?

This place is so expensive it s unbelievable and their staff is so ignorant it’s shocking. I was very disappointed I thought I was going to learn something new as I am into baking and cooking and I left with £15 less in my pocket and the disappointment. I have been in London for many years and I find to have good quality Italian food so hard. Princi is good but it’s overpriced as well, but at least it’ s nice Italian food.

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A touch of Mexican flavour: Chiquito Restaurant


chicken fajitas














Nicely surprised by this restaurant which resembles an American diner with a Mexican theme. Good food and above all attentive service. The waitress really deserved her tip. I had a succulent chicken fajita along with fries, it was mouth-watering!

Well done Chiquito. I also loved the Christmas festive decoration. I look forward to going back. I thought it would be a tourist spot, being located in Leicester square and therefore I was ready to find bad and overpriced food. On the contrary, it was a delightful experience! Gracias Chiquito!

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