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It is with my greatest pleasure that I once again congratulate the Italian team for making us proud yesterday night. Not only did they play well, but they gave a valuable lesson that should remembered everyday. Arrogance won’t take people far, self confidence and humility is actually the successful combination that allows an individual to grow and learn from their experiences. A special thanks to Balottelli who consciously or subconsciously is bringing great benefits and changes to Italian society. Thanks for becoming our hero, I hope that the average Italian will start expanding their mind. That is it! An important lesson was learned yesterday, I hope a lot of people have understood it. See you on Sunday Spain whatever happens I will be celebrating!


Celebrating our Italian victory

Right right, for once please let me flatter myself. Yes, I am talking about the football match (partita di calcio) which happened yesterday: Italy – England 4-2. Supporting our team abroad makes Italians feel much more patriotic. We watched the game in a friend’s house; all of a sudden everyone became a football expert lol. We enjoyed our team trying so hard and mastering the game until the penalties. If only politicians could make such an effort, Italy would be number one economic power in the world. So it felt so good to feel proud of my country at least in the football field given the fact that in other fields it keeps on failing us. Anyhow, I don’t want to enter too much in details. Yesterday I cheered, I screamed I jumped and then I was off to Soho to join our compatriots in a bar just next to Bar Italia, the Italian icon of excellence. Enjoy the pics I really had a good time and Forza Italia!

P.s. there were also English supporters that were enjoying the party and drinking heavily hahaha


The pleasure of drinking coffee

When in Rome do as the Romans do, if you wish to taste a real Italian coffee, head to a BAR. Ask foran espresso. I take mine with a little milk and therefore I ask for a macchiato (literally means stained), add your sugar, brown sugar or sweetener and enjoy the brief but intense pleasure! Remember never ask for a latte; you will be served a glass of pure milk and that is it. Here are my pics of my recent experience. Of course I repeated it many times but I never get tired of drinking a good coffee especially after lunch! Enjoy

Meeting up with old friends

After 9 months I finally had the time to go back to my hometown. I was very excited to visit my family and I thought of organizing an event to meet friends I had not seen in a while. Only a few came over but it was a nice, fun evening, fill with laughter, Italian beer and different pizzas. We started the evening with an apéritif at Volpi bar, with a prosecco and many little yummy snacks such as olives and croutons topped with diverse sauces. Then, we headed to Peppe all’archetto, people say he makes the best pizza around Nettuno and surroundings. The place is so old that the kitchen is located opposite the pizzeria and the waiter has to cross over to reach the venue. It is just literally opposite and takes less than a minute. We had pizza Margherita the classic, pizza with seafood, pizza with shrimps and rocket, crostino with parma ham and capricciosa… Delicious… we then went to stroll around the medieval town and as it is not yet summer it was quite and peaceful…. and eventually we ended up eating warm croissants and bombe filled with nutella; a bliss. Enjoy the pictures!