Chocolate Festival @South Bank London

Last week as the sun was shining, we decided to go and hang around South Bank in London. For those of you who are not familiar with it, I must say that it is a great open place on the river Thames full of life with restaurants, book stalls and sometimes festivals. This time without knowing I bumped into the chocolate festival. It was a delight to see all the chocolate creations and that is why I took some pictures. However, we were very disappointed nobody or almost nobody offered some chocolate tasters. I felt very frustrated and thought that with the high prices stalls were displaying the least they could do was to offer some tasters. Here again I wonder why stalls are more expensive than shops in this country. Shouldn’t be the opposite? Isn’t it a shop’s rent more expensive? Shouldn’t be a festival an opportunity for small businesses to create a relationship with new clients and increase brand awareness? I am a kind of price sensitive consumer, however, if I taste something very good on offer I become brand loyal and I keep on buying it at full price. Not only, I also become a brand ambassador and I spread the word around on social media and obviously my friends. So this is just a humble feedback to those businesses who participated at the chocolate festival. Anyhow, I still think the pictures deserve to be seen! Enjoy it and happy Easter everyone!


La dolce Vita Event Dolce mangiare

The “Dolce Vita Event” took place last Sunday in London. Luckily enough this year I could attend and I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as we, me and my sister, entered we saw with our greatest excitement a stall from Ariccia (a town near Rome well known for its porchetta). Do you wonder what porchetta is? Well, translating the exact name is quite impossible I can only explain what it is. Porchetta is spit roasted suckling pig flavored with salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic and other seasoning. Foodies know that the best part it’s the rind. So we had a fat sandwich along with some red wine from the same region. That was only the start! As you can see below the stalls were amazing; we tried everything from  Galbani mozzarella to the awesome Sicilian sweets. It was a feast for our eyes and for many Italians who live in London who  still love good food. We bought some Sicilian oranges, I had forgotten the taste of real oranges; nothing like you find in the supermarkets or even in the markets here in London. So juicy and tender it was a pleasure even peeling them awaiting to enjoy their flavor. One could argue that all this stuff is easy to find in the Italian deli, however, it is considered luxury in this city. It is weird to see a simple shop called alimentari in Italy transformed into an expensive and luxury boutique in London. Alimentari shops in Italy are simple and affordable, a panini is a cheap choice for Italians to have their lunch. Here, all of a sudden panini becomes a luxury lunch. Not to talk about the beer where some national Italian brands are regarded in the UK as posh and in Italy are just average. Anyway too much writing now I leave you to the pictures which are self-explanatory. ENJOY!

The Real Food Harvest Festival @ South Bank

About two weeks ago I received a news letter about this Festival and I put the dates in my diary straight away. Yesterday, I had the chance to go and stroll around South Bank, one of coolest places in London, just by the river Thames. I wasn’t disappointed, it was great seeing a wide variety of food stalls ranging from Dutch pancakes to Moroccan Tangines. I had a miso soup @ the Japanese stall and I really enjoyed it. Then I tasted cakes, cheeses such the hemp one which I didn’t know existed. I could have bought everything, the food looked so healthy and just GOOD! Have a look yourself here are the pics I have taken. I look forward to another food event!