Japafantastic event @ Satricvm

Another fantastic event took place @ Satricvm last August when I was working and relaxing in Italy. A fantastic buffet; a mix of the most delicious Japanese delicacies with extra portions o sashimi and sushi rolls. Just an amazing food and cultural feast to reveal the ancient flavours of Japan. Refreshing cocktails such as Mai thai included in the celebration. The Japanese night is part of the Movidando event. Every Tuesday a foreign world comes alive @ Satricvm. It runs all summer long and includes Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Indian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Mexican nights. Shall we ask the Chef to fit in a few of these fabulous events in winter too? Which would be the cuisine you would like to experiment? Please leave the British one out lol!

These are only a few pics taken, as during the day I helped in the kitchen and at night I  enjoyed the great, fresh food.



Monday Notting Hill Carnival

Sure, I know I am bit late… for the rest of the Carnival lol, however, I still want to publish the pics I took that day. It was so crowded we took more than one hour to walk 100 meters. I enjoyed the vibe, music, colours and of course the food as you can tell! Enjoy the pics folks


Yesterday the children Notting hill Carnival took place. It was a fusion of colours, music, dances and ethnic food. Above all, there was a global wish for peace across cultures. Thanks London for this awesome experience, I will be back today for some more. Enjoy the pics folks! This is Londonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

It could be you making Gnocchi in Italy!

In my latest visit to Nettuno, my hometown, I practiced making gnocchi with signature Chef Max. I used to make gnocchi before of course, but with him I learned many professional tricks. I teamed up with Max and Sonia owners of the stunning Satricvm restaurant to offer a unique Italian experience where the art of cooking blends together with language learning. So the “LIVE THE DREAM PROGRAM” was born. As I am already offering conversational Italian lessons while cooking traditional Italian food in London, I thought about offering an intense real Italian experience in Italy itself. Nettuno is only 60 km from Rome and it’s on the coast. It boasts with a beautiful medieval centre and it’s well linked to Rome (always considering Italian public transports standards lol). The program is 7 days all inclusive except the flight. It distinguishes itself from other cooking courses as it is  an authentic language and cultural experience too. In summer, our guests can also enjoy going to the beach besides our excursion to Rome and wine tasting sessions. Anyway if you think it is worth reading you can check more info here http://www.languagesalive.com/index.php/live-the-dream in the mean time enjoy  a sneak peek!

Out for dinner with a special family

During my stay in Italy I had the immense pleasure to catch up with my long date friends. A few days before my departure I met my dearest friend Simona who introduced me to her third child; the little Beatrice who is only 9 months. We went to have dinner in Nettuno in the characteristic medieval town where we had a great antipasto di mare (a mix of delicious fish and squid) followed by Fettuccine allo scoglio (with seafood) and Tagliolini al coccio (with local fish) We washed the delicious meal down with local chilled white wine and fished off with a piadina with nutella. I had so much fun with her children Martina and Sofia who also enjoyed the local cuisine, eating spaghetti alle vongole (with clams) and pasta al pomodoro. Her children looked very healthy with no problems of overweight whatsoever. I guess it’s because Simona thoroughly avoids junk food and gives her children sweet treats only occasionally. Martina is only 7 even if she looks older as she is really tall and had not problems in devouring her spaghetti al pomodoro which usually is not very liked by children in this country I noticed. Anyway I spent a beautiful evening with Simona and Mauro and their happy children. I wish them all the best I hope to see them very very soon for more fun. I am awaiting to play giggino e giggetto again immerse in Martina and Sofia’s laughs. Well done Simona you are a great mum!  Mauro a splendid father! A good happy family keep it this way!


Mexican night @ Satricvm

My dear friends, Chef Max and his wife Sonia, have been holding very creative and fun events at their restaurant Satricvm.The restaurant and the food are amazing and for this reason Satricvm is also the place where our cooking and conversational Italian lessons take place. Anyway, this post is all about the great Mexican event held at Satricvm last Tuesday. Every week there is a different cuisine and the theme is persistent all along, from the food of course, drinks, music and sometimes some brilliant shows. It is just magic. Look at the first pic, that is me happy making empanadas! What do you think, don’t you wish you were there to taste the fab cuisine? Next is Spain night, unfortunately I will be back in London that day, you can enjoy it for me too!

Chocolate Festival @South Bank London

Last week as the sun was shining, we decided to go and hang around South Bank in London. For those of you who are not familiar with it, I must say that it is a great open place on the river Thames full of life with restaurants, book stalls and sometimes festivals. This time without knowing I bumped into the chocolate festival. It was a delight to see all the chocolate creations and that is why I took some pictures. However, we were very disappointed nobody or almost nobody offered some chocolate tasters. I felt very frustrated and thought that with the high prices stalls were displaying the least they could do was to offer some tasters. Here again I wonder why stalls are more expensive than shops in this country. Shouldn’t be the opposite? Isn’t it a shop’s rent more expensive? Shouldn’t be a festival an opportunity for small businesses to create a relationship with new clients and increase brand awareness? I am a kind of price sensitive consumer, however, if I taste something very good on offer I become brand loyal and I keep on buying it at full price. Not only, I also become a brand ambassador and I spread the word around on social media and obviously my friends. So this is just a humble feedback to those businesses who participated at the chocolate festival. Anyhow, I still think the pictures deserve to be seen! Enjoy it and happy Easter everyone!