Depressed? Cooking and baking can help you out!

preparing food

Virgina Woolf once said : “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one had not dined well”.It looks like science is finally catching up with the writer’s words. According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal cooking and baking can help out with depression. That explains why more and more treatments centres and clinics are offering cooking classes.

According to Jeanne Whalen who wrote the story in the WS Journal there are two reasons why cooking combined with a therapy can be beneficial; one is that it simply teaches how to make healthy food, secondly the process of cooking is a way for patients to focus and avoid negative thoughts.It is a way to help socialise and increase confidence.

The focus of the report is on teenagers patients receiving classes through a treatment center o clinic, however she states that cooking in general is considered therapeutic. A study carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention affirm that parents and children cooking together instil healthy habits and behaviours moreover it boosts the bond between them. In addition it avoids the risk for children to get obese at an early age. So it appears that attending a cooking class whether or not you are in therapy is beneficial anyway. It is a hands on approach which gets the person to focus the mind on something concrete for a period of time. Also, at the end of the class there is a sense of accomplishment that can be shared with others.

Here at Languages Alive we offer language and cooking classes for adults and children, the workshops are fun and promote an easy way to learn a language.


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