Do you want a career in the EU Parliament? You MUST speak at least one more official language.

The continent with 24 official languages! By  SIMONA VERRAZZO

A beautiful mix of languages

A beautiful mix of languages

There is just one time, in the world, when 28 independent countries democratically vote all together: European Union’s elections. After that we will have a new European Parliament.

The 24 official languages of Euro-Parliament make a total of 552 possible combinations, since each language can be translated into 23 others.

So, if you want to survive in Brussel, in Strasbourg and in Luxembourg (where Euro-Parliament’s offices are located) English isn’t enough and you need to know other languages, also Italian.

In the European Parliament, all official languages are equally important: all parliamentary documents are published in all the official languages and all Members of the European Parliament (MEP) have the right to speak in the official language of their choice. It also ensures everyone is able to follow and access the Euro-Parliament’s work.

Euro-Parliament 24 official languages:


Bulgarian French Maltese
Croatian German Polish
Czech Greek Portuguese
Danish Hungarian Romanian
Dutch Irish Slovak
English Italian Slovene
Estonian Latvian Spanish
Finnish Lithuanian Swedish






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