Out in Nettuno with Mum

Hi folks, I hope life is treating you well. This post is all about going food shopping in Italy with my mum. Having been living in the UK for long time, it is always a delight for my eyes going to the bakeries and supermarkets when I am over there. I loved choosing tasty tomatoes, zucchine and other vegs. I also enjoyed going to the bakery to buy the best bread and pizza. If you go to Italy and you want to taste pizza on the go at very modest prices go to a bakery. You will find pizza con patate (with potatoes), pizza rossa (with tomato sauce), pizza con zucchine (with courgettes), pizza bianca (plain pizza which is amazing) and more varieties. You will also find local sweets and cakes at fair prices. It is the best choice if you are sightseeing and do not stop at a restaurant or pizzeria to have a meal. The bakery in Italian is called forno so ask Dov’e’ il forno piu’ vicino? (Where is the closest bakery?) Trust me you it will be good for your taste buds and your purse! Enjoy the pics folks. A presto!


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