It could be you making Gnocchi in Italy!

In my latest visit to Nettuno, my hometown, I practiced making gnocchi with signature Chef Max. I used to make gnocchi before of course, but with him I learned many professional tricks. I teamed up with Max and Sonia owners of the stunning Satricvm restaurant to offer a unique Italian experience where the art of cooking blends together with language learning. So the “LIVE THE DREAM PROGRAM” was born. As I am already offering conversational Italian lessons while cooking traditional Italian food in London, I thought about offering an intense real Italian experience in Italy itself. Nettuno is only 60 km from Rome and it’s on the coast. It boasts with a beautiful medieval centre and it’s well linked to Rome (always considering Italian public transports standards lol). The program is 7 days all inclusive except the flight. It distinguishes itself from other cooking courses as it is  an authentic language and cultural experience too. In summer, our guests can also enjoy going to the beach besides our excursion to Rome and wine tasting sessions. Anyway if you think it is worth reading you can check more info here in the mean time enjoy  a sneak peek!


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