Out for dinner with a special family

During my stay in Italy I had the immense pleasure to catch up with my long date friends. A few days before my departure I met my dearest friend Simona who introduced me to her third child; the little Beatrice who is only 9 months. We went to have dinner in Nettuno in the characteristic medieval town where we had a great antipasto di mare (a mix of delicious fish and squid) followed by Fettuccine allo scoglio (with seafood) and Tagliolini al coccio (with local fish) We washed the delicious meal down with local chilled white wine and fished off with a piadina with nutella. I had so much fun with her children Martina and Sofia who also enjoyed the local cuisine, eating spaghetti alle vongole (with clams) and pasta al pomodoro. Her children looked very healthy with no problems of overweight whatsoever. I guess it’s because Simona thoroughly avoids junk food and gives her children sweet treats only occasionally. Martina is only 7 even if she looks older as she is really tall and had not problems in devouring her spaghetti al pomodoro which usually is not very liked by children in this country I noticed. Anyway I spent a beautiful evening with Simona and Mauro and their happy children. I wish them all the best I hope to see them very very soon for more fun. I am awaiting to play giggino e giggetto again immerse in Martina and Sofia’s laughs. Well done Simona you are a great mum!  Mauro a splendid father! A good happy family keep it this way!



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