Me, myself and Italy

I have been away such a long time and then, every time I come back to my country I experience the strangest feelings. At the beginning the pace is too slow for me, having been living in London for a such long time. Then, after a couple of days I can fully enjoy everyday, every spark of sun, every heat wave, every bite of good food I take. It is like an eternal holiday where people talk to each others everywhere and are not constantly angry. I love going out at 9 pm or 10:00 pm as towns start living at that time, I love being able to go out in a light dress as it s hot till night. A fresh frullato (shake with water and fruits) after dinner or a plate of natural seasonal fruits have nothing to envy to the delicious gelato which is offered everywhere. This is for residents purely routine, for me it is a treat. A treat that every time gets harder to renounce to. Sometimes, I wish I could just come back and live a simple ordinary life, however, having seen a lot of the world and still craving to see more and learn more and more I cannot stop. If you read this and you have been living abroad for long time you probably understand what I mean. What is happening is the reverse effect of cultural shock when the foreign culture has been assimilated and a process of re adaptation takes place when going back to one’s country. I never went over that process, I have tried several times to go back for good without success. I guess it is the politics and lack of work that puts me off. However, more than anything else I notice a general lack on Italians‘ side on keeping a vivid curiosity towards other cultures and languages. The almost maniac attachment to their families and routines does not go along with my crave of exploring and learning. Before skype, I wished so many times especially on a Sunday as it is tradition to spend lunch with the whole family, to turn around the corner and be with them. I missed them thoroughly then with technology everything became easier. Not that I sit down facing the camera while I eat lol! However, it has been a big relief to have been able to talk and see my loved ones. Tonight I am relieving my feelings maybe because I only have four days left here and then my busy life will start again. Are these people missing something or am I the one missing it all?

if you read this and have an opinion please comment I would love to hear your thoughts.


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