I have decided to publish what I do, simply because I love what I do! It is extremely fun and rewarding; my clients or better called them friends(?) leave with a big smile on their faces at the end of the class and I can assure you it is not only the wine! I used to work in the city, 12 hrs per day on the phone to banks and constantly in front of the computer. Two evenings per week I was teaching Italian and even on Saturday mornings I had my fixed clients. Teaching was for me a passion and a hobby. I loved promoting my language and my culture. I did not need the money but I needed teaching. To cut a long story short, theĀ monotonous pace of the office make me soon realize I was meant for something else in life. I am a kind of person who learns fast and likes to learn even more and take the next step. The city job was killing all of that.

At that point I came up with a plan; promoting language through culture and that is when my venture started. The real Italian experience combines my passion for teaching the Italian language with my love for cooking Italian homemade food inspired by my family. Here are some pictures from my latest classes the flavours of Italy where we make pizza following the dad Vincenzo’s recipe and crostata pie one of the most traditional Italian cakes. Would you like the recipes and to know about their origins? Write a comment, send me a tweet, a fb comment, I am here to spread the Real Italian Experience.

Enjoy the pics!



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