Family pizza making time

Last summer, I was lucky enough to go on holidays back to my home town Nettuno a small city on the Tyrrhenian coast, south of Rome. My little cousins were very keen on the idea of making pizza so there we go making the dough, having fun, cooking pizza and of course eating it! I hope to go back soon to make more healthy meals and enjoy the good fun. Educating children to prepare meals from scratch is not only pleasant for them but it a good way to teach them the importance of home food. Children obesity is rapidly increasing in development countries, encouraging your child to eat healthy food and play outdoor instead of being stuck in front of the television will certainly help. I remember when I was a child, video games were hardly out there and we kids used to get together to play every afternoon after school.  Yes, we had toys but also had a great fantasy and there were million games we could do using absolutely nothing. It is indeed a shame that traditional values have been lost giving space to a materialist approach adopted by a lack of time and interest on the parent’s side. I have been working with rich families and I have seen children as young as four playing with Iphones and Ipads. Anyway I will not go into detail. Let’s enjoy the pictures!

Next post will show the outcome: yummy!!!


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