Spoiled children & manners



I must start with saying that I am not a parent, however, I have a great deal of experience with children of all ages. It is surely nice to spoil your child, until what extent? This is what really matters. Teaching good manners to children is not an easy task but it has to be done. When a child burps out loud, it can surely sound funny at first but increasingly
disruptive when repeated. You have a choice, laugh or telling the child off.  Besides, would you like to find yourself at dinner with your friends or colleagues and your children start burping loudly every time they need to? It might be funny in some countries but it can be regarded as lack of politeness in some others and can generate some nasty comments behind your back. When you grant a child everything  he/she want  you are not making it easy for him/her to learn about life. One of the most annoying things is when children interrupt  adults when talking by yelling and pulling the parent’s clothes. They are obviously not taught about waiting as the parent usually turns around and replies to them. Not everybody is a parent and some people will find that rude. Well, if you are asking yourself why should you care about what other people think about your children I give you the answer: it is not what they think about them, besides they are only children, innocent creatures, it’s what they think about YOU! You are going to be the one to be criticized. Raising up a child cannot be the school’s only burden. Many articles talk about teachers, bad education in state schools  and parents take the freedom to question discipline measures given to pupils. My question is: have you ever thought that actually your child’s behavior might be your fault?


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