Packed Lunch or not? This is the question!

Schools have started and here we go again with what it seems to be the most controversial question of the academic year.  Are packed lunches better than school dinners? (By the way can someone explain me why they are called dinners if they are actually lunches?)

As I have been around many primary schools and nurseries in greater London, working as an Assistant Teacher I would definitively say that it really depends on what the school has to offer. In a few schools and nurseries, I’ve seen and tasted mediocre food with a mediocre choice, in others I had so much choice I couldn’t decide what to have and the food tasted average. Now, I really have to say that school cooks do not have a clue yet but hey this is UK and probably most people cannot even be bothered to learn how to cook. Well, I am quite sincere, I didn’t have any desire of learning  myself when I was younger and moved to London, but then thanks to my family and friends I developed a strong desire of cooking healthy food.  Above all, I’ve got involved into two of my greatest passions, Italian and Latin American/Spanish cuisines and cultures.

Anyway, too much information here… The point I wanted to make is that you can actually supply your kids with a very balanced and delicious meal if you learn the basics yourself and cook for them.

Do you think it takes long?  No, no really, you just need the will to learn. You can do it just reading recipes and trying them, or better read blogs and so on.

Here are few options you can cook, they’re quick and nutritious and will give your kids the energy needed

So just read on

Please note I’ve given you suggestions suitable for one meal per day, make something different to your kid for dinner.

Here is what I suggest for packed lunches: rice with vegetables and chicken, beef or turkey or pasta with tomato sauce made from scratch

Also pasta carbonara, although replace bacon with some ham, pasta with courgettes and shrimps if you are lucky enough your kid eats fish and seafood.

A mix of finely chopped raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, add tomatoes and dressing. This does not mean putting already made dressings. It means adding some sea salt which is very important you use, instead of the chemical one you find in the big supermarkets. Add a little of extra virgin olive oil and voila’ the dressing is done, you can also add some drops of squeezed lemon or some vinegar… a little piece of cheese or a yogurt and a piece of fruits and you ll have your healthy and nutritious packed lunch for your kid!

If you need any help how to make the meals mentioned above do not hesitate to leave your comment and I will reply asap!

Bye for now!


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